Jesus’ Resurrection – Predictions

Jesus’ Resurrection – Predictions

Jesus' Resurrection
Was Jesus really resurrected?

Predictions of the resurrection of Jesus can be found throughout the Old Testament, as well as in the New Testament by Jesus himself. Let’s examine some of the scriptures in which these predictions can be found.

Old Testament Predictions

Lk 24:46 – Repeated claims OT prophets predicted. (Lk 18:31-34; Acts 17:3; Acts 26:22-23; 1 Cor 15:4)

Isa 53:7-10; Acts 8:29-35 – Predictions of Christ
Isa 53:7 – Lamb to slaughter
Isa 53:8 – Cut off from living
Isa 53:9 – Buried
Isa 53:10 – Die
Isa 53:10 – Prolong his days and see his seed – How could this be unless resurrected?

Ps 16:9-10 – Quoted and explained. (Acts 13:29-39; Acts 2:23-32) Predicts one who wouldn’t see corruption, not stay in Hades. Can’t apply to David, who did see corruption. (Acts 2:30-31) Refers to resurrection of Christ, who didn’t see corruption.

Jesus’ Predictions of Resurrection

Jn 2:18-22; Mt 12:39-40; Mt 16:21-22; Mt 19:9; Mt 19:22-23; Mt 26:31-32; Mk 9:9-10; Mk 9:31-32
Repeatedly predicted death and resurrection.

Mt 20:18-19
Vs. 18 – Betrayed to Jewish leaders.
Vs. 19 – Killed by Gentiles, who would scourge and crucify (a uniquely Roman execution).
Vs. 19 – Rise on the third day.
Such detail is extraordinary.

Mt 27:62-66 – Even Jesus’ enemies acknowledged he had predicted his resurrection, since it would be fairly easy to fake it. If Jesus made these claim and kept his followers after death, this is substantial evidence his claims may be true.

Mt 16:22; Mk 9:10; Lk 18:34; Jn 20:9 – When Jesus predicted his resurrection and even after it, the disciples repeatedly didn’t understand or believe them. Why would they later hallucinate or make up false claims, when they had repeatedly opposed those predictions?

Crucifixion – Fulfillment

Jn 19:1-3; Mt 27:26; Mk 15:15 – Roman flogging by (Gk.) flagellum, thongs laced with sharp pieces of iron, glass or bone. No limit. Ancient writers described victims being disemboweled or having their bones laid bare by the flagellum.

Mt 27:35-54 – Nailed to cross by spikes driven through his hands and feet, remained there at least three hours. (Mk 15:24-39; Lk 23:33-47; Jn 19:16-30; Ps 22:16)

Mk 15:37-39; Mt 27:50; Lk 23:46; Jn 19:30-33
All gospels specifically state that he died.

Mk 15:44-45 – Centurion certified death to Pilate.

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