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Month: September 2015

New “human-like species” discovered

New “human-like species” discovered

BBC has posted a new article claiming that a new “human-like species” has been discovered in South Africa, which they have given the name naledi.

We knew Darwinian evolution was in “crisis” mode, but this discovery really takes the cake! They don’t know what to make of it, or how to fit it into their theory. Why? Because it doesn’t fit (just like all other discoveries). Of course, artists can draw fictional images that fit.

homo naledi
An artist’s conception of what they believe homo naledi may have looked like

But the facts are that these bones appear to be fully human. Look at the hands. Just like modern ones, only and older person with arthritis. Look at some older people today, especially those who’ve done a lot of manual labor – very similar to these curved fingers. read more

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