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Idolatry – Christians Warned in the Bible

Idolatry – Christians Warned in the Bible

The huge ancient city of Corinth was full of idols and idol temples. There was much readily available there to entice and tempt people into various forms of idolatry. Therefore Paul warned Christians: “Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry.” (1 Cor 10:14 NIV) He didn’t just say to “avoid” idolatry – he said to run from it!

ancient and modern idolatry
The Bible warns Christians to flee from idolatry

In most places in the western world today, idolatry is not so apparent or visible. Nevertheless, the warning is just as important. In the Old Testament (OT) Israel was warned to keep the laws of the Old Covenant, or they would lose God’s favor. The first two of the ten commandments involve having no other gods but Yahweh alone, and not honoring any idol or image. (Ex 20:2-5) Israel broke this covenant because “they worshipped other gods” and “they worshipped idols.” (2 Kings 7:7, 12 NIV) This idolatry led to numerous other gross sins against Yahweh. The result was that the covenant was finally terminated by God. read more

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