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Infant Baptism – Is it Biblical?

Infant Baptism – Is it Biblical?

There is no explicit evidence of infant baptism in the Bible. The earliest historical reference to infant baptism is in the third century, by Origen.

Infant Baptism
Do infants have the capacity to comprehend the seriousness of baptism or to undertake the needed changes?

What do we learn from the Bible?

“You must therefore go and make disciples of people of all nations my disciples. You must baptize them.” (Mat 28:19 Barclay) People would have to become disciples of Christ prior to qualifying for baptism. A disciple is a taught one, a believer, a follower, in this case of Jesus Christ.

What does becoming a disciple involve according to the Bible? A number of things that infants and small children are incapable of doing. These include: read more

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