Real-life zombies that are stranger than fiction

Real-life zombies that are stranger than fiction

Bassettia pallida
Bassettia pallida is a parasite that infests oak trees and is itself infested by another newly discovered wasp (Credit: Andrew Forbes/University of Iowa)

“Real-life zombies that are stranger than fiction” is the title of an article that was published by BBC News on March 13, 2017.

The article states that “some fungi, viruses and bacteria have evolved….”

They start from this position that they had to “evolve.” They could not have been “created.” That is not a possibility.

“Perhaps the most famous fungus, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, prompts its hosts to end their days perched under a leaf. Those that have succumbed to Ophiocordyceps australis, meanwhile, will die in the forest litter below.”

“Fossils showing evidence of zombie ants… have been found dating back 48 millions years.”

This goes back at least “48 million years.” Hmm… where is evolution? It is assumed to be a fact. But no evidence has come forth. If something has been going on for 48 million years, it sounds like they are reproducing “according to their kinds,” over and over, for many millions of years just like all other creatures do. (Genesis 1:11-12; Genesis 1:21; Genesis 1:24-25)

“It is not immediately apparent how a fungus has this surprisingly specific effect on an organism so much more complex than itself… have evolved to match the different lifecycles of whichever species of host and they take as their victim… a stunning example of coevolution.” Or “a stunning example” of “your works, Yahweh, all of them you made so wisely!” (Psalm 104:24 NJB)

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