Titus – God and Jesus – Part of a Trinity?

Titus – God and Jesus – Part of a Trinity?

Are God and Jesus Part of a Trinity? Is Jesus God? Let’s take a quick look at the Bible book of Titus to find some clues to these answers.

What does the Book of Titus say about Jesus and God?

“Paul , a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ.” (Tit 1:1 NIV) If Jesus is God, why are God and Jesus are referred to separately? It’s because they are separate and distinct individuals, and not merged into a mysterious Trinity! Why does Paul not say that he is a servant of the Trinity? Because that idea is fictional. Why is Paul not a servant of the Holy Spirit? Because the Holy Spirit is not a person.

“Grace and peace from God the Father and from Christ Jesus our Savior.” (Tit 1:4 NIV) God is named as Father – Jesus is separate and distinct from God. “Grace and peace” are not said to come from the Trinity because it is fictional, nor are they said to come from the Holy Spirit, because it is not a person.

While many translations render Titus 2:13 as though Jesus and Almighty God are the same person, due to Trinitarian bias.  More accurately, however, the verse is translated:

“As we await the blessed hope, the appearance of the glory of the great God and of our Savior Jesus Christ” (Tit 2:13 NAB).  God and Jesus are thus spoken of as completely separate and distinct yet again. Notice this refers to an appearance of both God and Jesus, but what about the Holy Spirit? There’s no reference to its appearing since it’s not a person. Why is the Trinity not said to appear? Because it doesn’t exist.

“When God our Savior made his kindness and love for humanity appear. . . he saved us through the washing the Holy Spirit gives new birth and renewal. God poured a generous amount of the Spirit on us through Jesus Christ our Savior.” (Tit 3:4-6 GWT). While God and Jesus are both referred to as saviors in Titus here, as well as elsewhere in the Bible, they are always completely separate and distinct individuals. By saying that “God poured a generous amount of the Spirit on us”, it clearly proves that the Holy Spirit cannot be a person since people aren’t referred to as an “amount”. Notice also that the Holy Spirit is given by God “through” Jesus. God is the source of the Holy Spirit, and he channels it through Jesus. Thus Almighty God is portrayed as superior in every respect to Jesus.

It is abundantly clear from the short Bible book of Titus that Jesus is not God, rather He is the powerful Son of God, and clear, umistakable proof is shown that the Holy Spirit cannot be a person. The Letter to Titus thus shatters the Trinity dogma.

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