Jesus’ Resurrection – Four Lines of Evidence

Jesus’ Resurrection – Four Lines of Evidence

Is the story of Jesus’ resurrection true? If so, how can we be sure? Let’s begin by examining four lines of evidence: that Jesus was really dead, his tomb was found empty, he then appeared to many witnesses, and finally, eyewitness accounts of encounters with the resurrected Jesus.

Jesus' Resurrection
Was Jesus really resurrected?

1.       Jesus was really dead.

a.       Publicly executed before large crowds. (Mt 27:39-44; Mt 27:54-56; Mk 15:29-32; Mk 15:40-41; Lk 23:26-32; Lk 23:35-38; Lk 23:47-49; Jn 19:19-26)

b.      Certified as dead

                                                               i.      By centurion in charge of execution – a professional whose job it was to determine that death had taken place. (Mt 27:54; Mt 15:39; Lk 23:47)

                                                             ii.      By regional governor Pontius Pilate, who sent to have Jesus’ death confirmed. (Mk 15:42-45) – Granted the corpse.

2.       The tomb was found empty.

a.       Buried in new tomb, never used before. (Lk 23:52-53) Jesus’ body could not have been confused with someone else’s, since it was the only body there.
In perfect condition, easy to locate. (Jn 19:41-42)

b.      When friends came second morning after, the body was gone. (Mt 28:1-7; Mk 16:1-8; Lk 24:1-7; Jn 20:1-2)

c.       Sealed tomb with enormous boulder and posted guards by enemies. (Mt 27:62-66)

d.      Who emptied the tomb? Humans or God?

                                                               i.      Not enemies, who would have produced his body to prove he was dead (not resurrected).

                                                             ii.      Not disciples, who were very demoralized. (Mk 16:8; Lk 24:4-5; Lk 24:9-11; Jn 20:11-16)

3.       Jesus appeared to many witnesses. (Acts 1:3; Acts 2:32; Acts 5:31-32) Just hallucinations? Not likely, as this happened to many people. Even over 500 at one time. (1 Cor 15:4-8)

4.       Countless people have encountered the living Jesus and been changed by him.

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