Jesus the Mediator Proves Trinitarian Views False

Jesus the Mediator Proves Trinitarian Views False

The Bible clearly says that Jesus Christ is the mediator between God and humans. But Trinitarians claim that Jesus is God. How do they explain this contradiction?

Jesus the Mediator
Jesus is the Mediator between God and man. Yet Trinitarians claim Jesus is God.

Trinitarians say: “Jesus MUST be God in order to be our mediator.”

This is the crux of their argument. Trinitarians change the meaning of mediator, since Jesus being the mediator between humans and God (1 Tim 2:5) destroys their Trinity idol. (2 Cor 10:3-4)

By definition, a mediator is neither of the two parties for whom he mediates. The foundation of their argument against the plain truth of 1 Tim 2:5 therefore rests on a bogus premise. Thus, their entire argument fails.

Since no one can approach God directly but must go through Jesus, it means it is impossible for Jesus to be God.

Further demolishing the Trinity idol is the fact that, rather than identifying Jesus as ‘God’ as Trinitarians would have us believe, 1 Tim 2:5 identifies the mediator as “THE MAN, CHRIST JESUS” (NASB), not God.

Trinitarians use the usual multitude of words and Trinitarian clichés to prop up their Trinity idol.

Trinitarian defense of their idol “depends on human tradition” and double talk, “rather than on Christ” (Col 2:8 NIV), and the simple, straightforward words of the Bible itself.

Their argument that Jesus must be God to be the mediator between God and humanity is self-defeating since the definition of mediator is “one who interposes between two parties at variance to reconcile; an intermediary agent or go-between.” Let’s now look at what the Bible actually says as opposed to mere assertions based on false assumptions.

“God gave his law through angels to Moses, who was the mediator between God and the people. Now a mediator is helpful if more than one party must reach an agreement. But God, who is one, did not use a mediator when he gave his promise to Abraham.” (Gal 3:19-20 NLT) Moses obviously was not Almighty God, but was obviously the mediator of the Law Covenant, as he represented God and the people of Israel.

“For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” (1 Tim 2:5 NASB) Notice that Jesus is not referred to as being God, but “the man.”

“But now Jesus, our High Priest, has been given a ministry that is far superior to the old priesthood, for he is the one who mediates for us a far better covenant with God, based on better promises.” (Heb 8:6 NLT) Notice that Jesus is our High Priest who mediates for us with God. This means it is impossible for Jesus to be God.

“Christ offered himself to God as a perfect sacrifice for our sins. That is why he is the one who mediates a new covenant between God and people.” (Heb 9:14-15 NLT) The Bible here clearly says Jesus qualifies as mediator because “he offered himself to God as a perfect sacrifice for our sins” – not because he is God.

“You have come to Jesus, the one who mediates the new covenant between God and people.” (Heb 12:24 NLT) It is obviously impossible for Jesus to be God because he is mediating between the two parties at variance, namely, God and humans.

The scriptures Trinitarians quote to assert that Jesus is God, namely, Mt 11:27; Heb 1:3; Phil 2:5-8; Col 1:19-20; and Col 2:9 not only do not say that Jesus is God, they make it clear that he is the Son of God.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God… And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth… No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him.” (Jn 1:1, 2, 14, 18 NASB) Notice in the bolded phrases it makes clear that Jesus and his Father are not the same. How? Jesus was with God, he became flesh on earth, people saw him – but no one has ever seen God. Notice also that he is not only called “God” in verse 1, but he is called “God” in verse 14 as well. However, verse 14 adds the qualifier “the only begotten,” which means the same as it does in John 3:16 that he is the only begotten Son of God. Therefore, he was created.

Trinitarians have so overblown the words “the Word was God” that people believe Jesus is Almighty God, without question. As Hitler said, “a lie repeated often enough will eventually be believed as truth.” It is easy to prove to a reasonable person that Jesus is not Almighty God when we consider the Bible as a whole the way God wants us to. Don’t they know that Moses is also called “God” in the Bible?

“And the Lord said to Moses: Behold I have appointed thee the God of Pharao: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.” (Ex 7:1 Douay-Rheims)

In these verses, Moses is called “God,” but no one would call Moses “Almighty God.” It is in this sense, that is as powerful one, that Jesus is called “God” in John 1.

The Bible sometimes refers to powerful humans as being God or gods, as in Psalm 82:6. Jesus referred to this fact so that no one would think that he claimed to be Almighty God.

“The Scriptures cannot be discredited. So if God calls people gods (and they are the people to whom he gave the Scriptures), why do you say that I’m dishonoring God because I said, ‘I’m the Son of God’?” (John 10:35-36 GWT)

The Bible thoroughly disproves the assertion that Jesus must be God Almighty to be our mediator.

Trinitarians ask: “If he did not share God’s Nature, how could he bring us to God and God to us?”

And the answer is…

“Christ offered himself to God as a perfect sacrifice for our sins. THAT IS WHY HE IS THE ONE MEDIATES a new covenant between God and people” (Heb 9:14,15 NLT).

Trinitarians say: “And this Divine Word became flesh, our true and Perfect Mediator, the man Jesus Christ, who is God and man at once.”

This is a contradiction. The mediator cannot be one or both of the two parties being mediated, as Trinitarians claim here. This Trinitarian tactic changes the definition of mediator, in contradiction to the scriptures.

“Now a mediator is not for one party only; whereas God is only one” (Gal 3:20 NASB). There are three parties involved in the New Covenant:

  1. God
  2. The mediator, Jesus Christ
  3. Christians

This Bible truth stands in stark contrast with Trinitarian the implication that Jesus is two of the three parties. This is both unscriptural, and utter nonsense.

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