According to a new article at Science Daily, the fossil of a prehistoric baby bird is causing scientists to reevaluate their previous thoughts on evolution.

Once again, evolutionists are having to revise their story, after this newly analyzed ‘early baby bird’ fossil was analyzed in greater detail recently, using the latest state-of-the-art technology. It is very interesting that they admit “this particular group of avians may have been more diverse than previously thought”. Also, one of the study’s co-authors added: “It is amazing to realize how many of the features we see among living birds had already been developed more than 100 million years ago”.

Well, duh! “Since they have rejected the word of the LORD, what kind of wisdom do they have?” (Jer 8:7 NIV). All they have is “the wisdom of the world”, which “God has made foolish” (1 Cor 1:20 NIV)—and that is even by evolutionary scientists’ own discoveries! If they would only accept the Bible “as it actually is, the word of God”, they would know better. The Bible accurately reports that “God created . . . every winged bird according to its kind” (Gen 1:21 NIV). That is, they were created from the start as fully developed, complex creatures, just as much so as modern birds are.


  1. 100 million years? Wow, that is amazing. Considering according to the Bible, which I believe every word of it for it comes from God. That creation started just 6000 years ago. Not millions …..

  2. The Bible does not say that “creation started 6,000 years ago” as you and others also assert. The Bible does give us a chronological timetable, beginning in Genesis 5, that we can tie into proven secular history that shows “the first man Adam” was created about 6,000 years ago (1 Cor 15:45). However, the Bible gives us no dates or ways to calculate exact time periods prior to Adam’s creation. The “days” of creation in Genesis 1:3-31 are not limited to 24 hours each.They likely were epochs of time, comprising thousands or millions of years each. Look at a Bible concordance under the word “day”, and you will see this word is often used in the Bible for periods of time other than 24 hours. Additionally, Genesis 1:1,2 describe events that occurred prior to the “days” of Genesis 1:3-31, such as the creation of the entire universe.The estimated age of the universe at 13.7 billion years ago does not contradict anything in the Bible. God has been in existence from eternity, so he has been around since before he created the universe (Psalm 90:2).

  3. Of course, there are Christians who disagree with your interpretation of “day” and take it to mean one 24-hour period. This is probably what the author of Genesis intended.

    Also, as I have previously shown, the order of events in Genesis does not correspond to the order of events as science has revealed. And Genesis doesn’t even mention evolution. Genesis is a story book, not an accurate description of what happened.

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