The first people who populated the Americas

The first people who populated the Americas

First people in the Americas
Where did the first people in the Americas come from?

“We are getting closer to understanding who the first Americans really were,” BBC News reported in an article published on March 30, 2017, entitled “The first people who populated the Americas.”

“They probably came on foot from Siberia across the Bering Land Bridge, which existed between Alaska and Eurasia from the end of the last Ice Age until about 10,000 years ago. The area is now submerged by water.

There is still debate about when these first Americans actually arrived and where they came from. But we are now getting closer to uncovering the original narrative, and finding out who these first Americans really were.”

The Bible may have some clues as to the origin of these first people.

“That is why it was called Babel, since there Yahweh confused the language of the whole world; and from there Yahweh scattered them all over the world.” (Genesis 11:9 NJB)

The article points out that people first came to North America from Asia, and possibly Australia and Pacific islands. The Bible’s accurate historical account, recorded thousands of years ago, reported that humans were forced to spread out from Babel in the Middle East, by God, who had confused their language. That is, he created new languages. Groups who spoke the same language would naturally go together. Genesis 10 indicates there were originally about 70 such groups.

“These are the clans of Noah’s sons, according to their family records, in their nations. The nations on earth spread out from these after the flood.” (Genesis 10:32 CSB)

After these “nations on the earth spread out,” they continued to migrate as their numbers grew, including the first people to reach the Americas. So while some people may currently believe they are “getting closer to understanding who the first Americans really were,” students of the Bible already know their origins.

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